VIRTUAL Running Analysis

Our VIRTUAL Running Analysis was designed and performed exclusively by Cape Cod Rehab Physical Therapists trained at early intervention in the treatment & prevention of sports injuries.

VIRUTAL Running Analysis Guidelines

  1. Take pictures of your running shoes using the instructions provided below.
  2. Take videos of yourself running using the instructions provided on Page 2.
  3. Fill out your complete history and upload your pictures and videos using our online VIRTUAL Running Analysis Intake Form
  4. Submit your payment by calling our office at (508) 477-6128 or pay online.
  5. A member of our Run Team will review your video and put together a report of findings and recommendations. Since we do a thorough video analysis, we usually ask that you give us one week to review.
  6. Receive your CCR Running Analysis with specific recommendations and exercises tailored to your needs.
  7. Purchase additional time with a member of our Run Team to work on running mechanics or set up a training program.

Guidelines to submit photos of your footwear:

  • Choose the footwear that you wear most often when you are running.
  • If you wear more than one pair of shoes, please send pictures of both pairs. Please denote how many miles are on each pair of shoes, as well as if they are worn indoors/outdoors.
  • Using your phone or other camera capture pictures from the following angles and upload (jpeg) using our online form:


    Burdenko Mashpee MA


    Burdenko Mashpee MA


    Burdenko Mashpee MA


    Burdenko Mashpee MA

Guidelines to submit your video:

  • If possible, use a treadmill to film your video. Pick a location where there are not people in the background.
  • If you do not have a treadmill, road running and trail running are both acceptable.
  • Wear tight fitting clothing so we are able to see your movements.
  • Use your phone or other video recording device that allows you upload videos using our online form.
  • We ask that you film two 30 second clips from two different angles:

    Side View

    Burdenko Mashpee MA

    Back View

    Burdenko Mashpee MA

  • Make sure that we can see your entire body in the clip. Ideally leave some space above your head as well as below your feet.

Any questions, email or call/text (508) 477-6128!