Did you know that April 1st is National Walking
Day?  The American Heart Association
encourages everyone to “Get Up & Move” today.  There are so many reasons to walk.  Why do you walk?

Benefits of Walking (provided by the American Heart Association)

  • Walking can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease
  • Improve cholesterol
  • Improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Improve blood lipid profile
  • Promote weight loss, maintain body weight and lower risk of obesity
  • Enhance mental well being 
  • Increase energy

Tips for Better Walking

  • Push off your toes and hip. This will provide for proper kinetic propulsion and alignment.
  • Use long strides to involve more muscles and provide for tissue lengthening.
  • Keep legs close together. This keeps the legs under the hips for improved balance and stability.
  • Move your shoulders as you stride for proper gait and body rotation.
  • Focus on your surroundings and avoid looking at the ground when walking to keep you in proper posture alignment.

Blog post by Alan Harrison.