Yoga Pose of the Week: Child’s Pose

Child’s pose, or Balasana
as it is called in Sanskrit, is a resting and restorative pose in the practice
of yoga.  In addition to offering a gentle
stretch for the hips, thighs and back, Child’s pose also slows the mind by
calming the central nervous system and offers an opportunity for inner
reflection by allowing the body to fold into itself. 
Child’s pose should be a
safe, relaxing place to come to at any point in your yoga practice when you
need a break or at any point in your day when you need a calming place to

  • Kneeling on the ground bring big toes to touch
    sitting back on the heels
  • Knees can stay together or come about hips distance
  • On an exhale fold the upper body over or between
    the legs until the forehead touches the mat, lengthening from the tailbone all
    the way to the crown of the head
  • Lay your arms alongside your body palms facing up
    and release the shoulders towards the floor
  • For a more active version extend the arms out long
    in front of the body
  • Hold for a minimum of 5 breaths, but you can stay
    for up to a few minutes for full relaxation and stress relieving benefits!


For knee issues either
keep your hips lifted or place a folded towel or blanket under your seat to
create more space and put less pressure on the knees.


If you prefer not to get
on the floor you can do a modified Child’s pose while seated in a chair.  Place a pillow or folded blanket on your lap
and fold the upper half of the body forward over the pillow.
If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or stress or
your body needs a break in a yoga class know that Child’s pose is always there
for you!

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Blog post by Danielle Nardi.